Zero Investment Business Ideas With High Profits

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One of my dreams has always been to open a business. The shortage of money to require an edge was the foremost problem i’d face. That was until I found there’re several zero investment business ideas available.

Surprising isn’t it? But if you go searching , there are countless zero investment business ideas that are simply up for the grabs.

Of course, zero investment doesn’t mean you’ll not require any investment. Making the sole use of obtainable resources and your personal skills is that the only investment you’d like instead of money.

If you’re among those countless Indians aiming to start a business, here’s my shortlist of 20 zero investment business ideas.

Best 20 Business Ideas without Investment
zero investment business ideas

I’m including both online and offline business ideas with zero investment. Therefore, you’ll select any of these that matches your skills and requirements.

investment business ideas

You’ll require a computer and Internet connection to start out out an internet business without investment. meaning , making the only use of your computer and Internet connection you will have already got reception .

1. Blogging
Unfortunately, most Indians believe that blogging is extremely difficult. I’ll assure you it’s not. Even starting a blog is simple and doesn’t take quite half-hour to start out out and elegance it.

There’re two ways to open a blog. One by creating free website on various platforms like the other is investing less that Rs.3,000 on your own name , hosting and other necessary things.

Create excellent articles about something you’re enthusiastic to and post them on your blog. Also include eye-catching pictures.

Learn a few of tips and tweaks about digital marketing through excellent free tutorials on YouTube. subscribe Google AdSense once your blog gets a specific amount of traffic.

Google AdSense displays ads on your blogs. And when somebody clicks on these ads, you get some money.

2. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is extremely popular in India nowadays. That’s because many companies are now offering affiliate marketing programs to plug their businesses. Amazon India and Flipkart are some examples.

There’re several ways to undertake to affiliate marketing. you’ll do affiliate marketing using your Facebook account or open a free blog. Write excellent product reviews about the items you’d wish to sell as an affiliate marketer.

Provide affiliate links where people can click and buy. Joining affiliate marketing programs is free.

3. Multilevel Marketing
Ever heard of companies like Forever Living, Amway, DXN, Herbalife, Tupperware, Avon cosmetics than on? These are a variety of the topmost Multilevel Marketing or MLM firms that thrive in India.

Entering the network marketing business for a top MLM company from India or abroad doesn’t require investment.

Register online with any top MLM company to become an associate. you’d possibly got to take some free online tutorials to seek out out about their products and their uses.

Promote these products through your social network using Facebook or a free blogsite. you’ll also sell these products offline.

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4. Vlogging
Vlogging is another best business without investment. It involves opening a free channel on YouTube. There’s no need to invest on a camera or other equipment. The video camera on your smartphone would be enough.

Create excellent videos about something you’re enthusiastic to . Upload them on your YouTube channel. Promote these videos using your Facebook page and email.

Encourage relative and friends to subscribe your videos and share with others. subscribe Google AdSense which can pay you for ads that people click on while watching your videos.

5. Dropshipping
Dropshipping is another excellent business idea with zero investment that’s becoming popular. It’s fairly easy to line up your own dropshipping business online.

First, identify products that you simply wish to sell through dropshipping. subsequent step is to approach suppliers and makers of those products and finalize a deal.

Here’s an easy guide the way to start a dropshipping business in India. Follow the steps on this guide and you’re in business.

There’re projections that eCommerce in India is ready to boom after 2020 as more people will buy stuff online, because of Internet being available in rural areas. you’ll enter the business now.

6. Online Marketplace
If you’ll make excellent stuff like pickle, spice powders, traditional skincare products or maybe handicrafts, sell them from your own online marketplace.

The best thanks to do that free is to open a web store on Facebook Marketplace. this enables you to sell stuff locally. All you need may be a Facebook account.

The other superb resource is Shopify. However, they charge alittle fee to open a web marketplace. choose their free trial and check response.

If it works well, you’ll subscribe for the paid online marketplace for a nominal monthly fee. It’s also possible to sell certain things through Amazon and Flipkart.

7. Résumé Writing
This is one among my favorite ways to form money on the side. And I’m talking about some specialized money. Most job applicants don’t skills to write down a killer Résumé which will get them call to interview.

That’s because they aren’t even conscious of the difference between a CV , Résumé and Bio-Data. These are three different documents.

An employer asks for a CV, Résumé or Bio-Data depending upon the sort of employees they need . Most fresher candidates aren’t aware of writing these documents.

And surprisingly even experienced job seekers can’t create a wonderful resume. this is often a really profitable business if you’ve got excellent writing skills.

8. Insurance Agency
An insurance agency is another zero investment business idea you’ll consider. you’ll do that offline. However, doing so online is best since you’ll get more customers.

The first step would be to approach some large insurance companies in India and check out to urge their agencies. otherwise you can work for authorized insurance agents of varied companies.

You can sell insurance schemes and collect premiums on behalf of the insurance firm and remit the cash immediately online.

Your sales and marketing skills will play a crucial role in convincing people to choose one or more insurance schemes. And there’re several large, reputed insurers in India which suggests stiff competition. This increases the prospect of success.

9. Computerized Horoscopes
We Indians still cherish ancient traditions. And one among these is horoscopes. Devout Indians use horoscopes for nearly everything like taking career decisions, marriage, buying house or simply out of sheer curiosity.

In fact, most Indians take quite one horoscope from different sources. Computer generated horoscopes and horoscopic matching services aren’t new India.

However, they’re an evergreen business without investment that never goes out of demand.

You can download free horoscope software online or invest alittle amount of cash to shop for a customizable one. You’ll require alittle printed just just in case someone wants their horoscope on paper.

10. newspaper columnist
People of all ages have all kinds of problems and ask all kinds of questions. and that they seek answers to such questions. And they’re willing to buy discreet question and answers.

People want privacy because most of those questions relate to non-public life like relationships. Nowadays, this service is out there online and for a fee.

This is a really popular online business without investment round the world. In the UK, they’re referred to as Agony Aunts while in US the term is Online Advice Columnist.

You’ll need a computer with Internet connection and astute knowledge about relationship issues to open this business. It’s an emerging field in India.

Offline Business Ideas With Zero Investment
Maybe you don’t wish to start out a web business without investment for any reason. That’s no reason to stress . There’re many best business ideas without investment that you simply can do offline too. These would require your physical efforts.

11. Graphic Designing
Businesses of all kinds , individuals, and families, also as printing presses, require graphic designers.

That’s because they have logos, business and invitation cards and much of other stuff. Therefore, they appear for excellent graphic designers which will provide these designs and logos.

Often, people want to use their own creativity and your services to make their design. Hence, they’ll wish to take a seat beside you while developing a graphic design.

All it needs may be a computer with some graphics designing software. you’ll also tie-up with a press to supply the service to their clients.

12. Fitness Coach
Indians are getting increasingly health and fitness conscious. That’s mainly thanks to a huge surge in cost of medical treatment. Staying slot in the right way requires assistance from a fitness coach.

A lot of individuals don’t have time to travel to a gym. Instead, they like fixing a gym reception and enlist services of a fitness coach to coach them on proper techniques.

However, to open a fitness coaching business, you’ll require a certification from any reputable organization. There’s no shortage of such excellent institutes to review and obtain a fitness coach certification.

Maybe you recognize tons about fitness and don’t require training. However, a certificate will assist you bag more customers.

13. Yoga Coach
The ancient Indian art of Yoga is immensely popular. and other people love Yoga because it doesn’t involve heavy exercising at a gym.

Usually women choose Yoga because they can’t find time while juggling between various chores and socializing.

There’re several excellent Yoga institutes in India where you’ll learn Yoga and obtain a certification as a teacher . Understandably, it’s getting to cost some money.

However, a Yoga coach can easily earn quite Rs.100,000 just by providing training at homes of consumers .

14. Repacking Services
Repacking services? you would possibly wonder what are these. Actually, repacking services involves three main processes.

That’s unpacking an outsized crate or box, checking the things for any damage and repacking them into small boxes or packets purchasable or dispatch. This service is extremely important for wholesalers and retailers.

Usually, the customer will send the massive cartons on to your home along side the required repackaging material.

Once you’ve made smaller boxes or packages, the customer will collect them for onward dispatch to customers. The service is usually employed by dealers of gift items and stationery.

15. land Agency
A real estate agency isn’t a replacement business: it’s been on since decades. However, it continues to stay one among the topmost offline businesses in India.

Thanks to high migration rates among millennials seeking jobs in other towns and cities, there’s an enormous demand for rental accommodations.

You can provide such accommodations by docking with property owners and other estate agencies. Earnings are usually through commissions.

However, you’ll make extra money by providing add-on services like legal documentation through notaries.

16. Marriage Bureau
I’m not denying that websites like and aren’t doing a superb job.

However, there’s an outsized section of the Indian society from all walks of life that don’t wish to make matrimonial alliances using online resources. Instead, they like offline marriage bureaus.

Usually, offline marriage bureaus are community specific. Meaning, they’ll arrange meetings between prospective brides and grooms from a specific community only, thanks to local traditions.

If you’ve got an outsized social network within your community, start an offline marriage bureau. this is often an outstanding zero investment business idea.

17. Cleaning Services
Busy schedules and lack of reliable domestic helpers causes people to seem for cleaning services for his or her homes and offices.

The demand for cleaning services is especially high before festive seasons, weddings, special occasions, moving to premises or after renovation. Cleaning services are an evergreen business.

Of course, you wouldn’t be ready to clean a whole home or office alone. In such cases, you’ll hire laborers whenever you get a task or contract.

A small investment on cleaning equipment like brooms and mops, disinfectants and maybe and vacuum would suffice. You’ll pay the labor after they complete the task.

18. Manicure & Pedicure
Maybe this comes as a shocker: Indian men also are now large customers for manicure and pedicure of their nails. That’s due to high income among millennials and therefore the compelling urge for private grooming.

Regardless of whether you’re a lady or man, a manicure and pedicure business are some things you’ll do with almost zero investment.

The only expense would get on some gear. Usually, there’s a high demand for manicure and pedicure during wedding season and other special occasions.

19. principle & Vastu Consultant
Indians are very particular about their homes and offices complying with the traditional Chinese tradition principle or the Indian one, Vastu.

It’s a standard belief that a home or office that’s Vastu or principle compliant results in prosperity and happiness. Hence, people spend heavily on consulting experts during this field.

It’s not a child’s play to become a principle or Vastu consultant. You’ll need to study tons and even get certifications from any respectable organization in these fields.

However, there’s tremendous income potential from this business. Additionally, you’ll get commissions from stores that sell Vastu and principle articles when your customer buys them from your source.

20. Labor Contractor
When I discuss Labor Contractor, I’m not pertaining to construction work. Instead, I’m speaking about workers for bars and restaurants, weddings and banquet halls.

Medium and smaller restaurants in India depend on casual workers to perform tasks like waiters, kitchen helpers and cleaners, among others.

Since the world is essentially unorganized, the attrition rates are extremely high.

Research in Mumbai reveals that a minimum of one worker leaves their job daily for various reasons. Hence, restaurateurs need to scramble to refill the vacancy.

They’re willing to pay labor contractors which will provide workers on temporary basis. this is often an outstanding business without investment.

All you would like is a few superb contacts with restaurants, caterers and banquet halls. and therefore the ability to collect workers at short notice.

Closing Thoughts
The top 20 zero investment business ideas which could encourage you to become an entrepreneur. Remember that a number of the most important business empires of the planet began with zero or minimal investment.

Classic examples are KFC and Airbnb. You too might strike it rich at some point by using any of those 20 zero investment business ideas.

The distinct advantage of those businesses without investment? you’ll exit the business anytime without losing money. Upon making profits, you’ll invest and expand your business.


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